INTERPRETI VENEZIANI 1-3-5-8-10-12 August

CONCERTO - San Vidal Church, 9 pm
monday 1, wednesday 3, friday 5, monday 8, wednesday 10 and friday 12 August 2022

Concerto for violin, strings and harpsichord op. 3 n. 3 Estro Armonico
Concerto per 2 violins, strings and harpsichord RV. 510
Concerto for violin, strings and harpsichord op. 4 n. 2 la Stravaganza
Symphony for strings and harpsichord from the opera Dorilla in Tempe RV. 709
Concerto Grosso for 2 violins, cello, strings and harpsichord op. 6 n. 1
Suite for cello and strings

Interpreti Veneziani
A refering point in the international music panorama.
United States, Japan, Canada, Latin America alternate every year on their calendar with concerts in the most prestigious theaters.
In Venice this year opens the 34th Concert Season at the San Vidal Church.

San Vidal Church
Possibily founded around 1084, under the doge Vitale Falier, San Vidal was dedicated to its patron saint.
Once inside the church, we are immediately stricken by the principal altar painted by Vittore Carpaccio.
Tradition narrates that in the San Vidal church the famous Venetian musician Baldassare Galuppi was buried (died on 17th January in 1785).

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€ 30,00
STALLS AREA (Reduction)

Reduced tickets for: students until the age of 25, seniors over the age of 65, and groups of more than 15 people.

€ 25,00
9 pm
No dress code is required
San Vidal Church - San Marco 2862 (Campo Santo Stefano) – Venezia
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