Giuseppe Verdi
A new way of experiencing the Grand Opera

The Opera is a travelling show and each act is set in a different hall of one of the most fascinating Venetian palaces: Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto.
This is how the Musica a Palazzo ensemble conceives the “Chamber Opera”: the traditional setting of Opera in the theatre is replaced by a stage that fits in perfectly with the scenery: every act takes an place in a different hall of the palace, the magnificent baroque furnishings are a natural complement to the set design. The originality of the direction is represented by the interaction between the singers, the instrumentalists and the audience, breaking down any kind of barrier between them and giving the viewer the thrill of experiencing the Opera from within.

Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi; its libretto was written by Francesco Maria Piave. It had a triumphant premiere at the La Fenice Theatre in Venice, on March 11th 1851. 
Rigoletto is an intense drama about passion, treachery, filial love and vengeance. The tragedy of Rigoletto revolves around the ‘curse’, which causes the inexorable and tragic fall of the main character: ‘The whole subject is in that curse, which will also prove to be moral’ (G. Verdi).
 The first act of the opera begins in the Tiepolo Hall, where Anthony Knight’s wonderful costumes, inspired by the 18th century style, blend perfectly into the magnificent Baroque Palace furnishings.
Rigoletto travels and unfolds throughout the halls of the Palace where the choice to use candlelight creates a Caravaggio-style backlighting which enhances the dramatic power of the Opera.

The program

Opera in three acts

Music by Giuseppe Verdi

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave

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STALLS AREA Single Ticket
€ 95,00
8:30 pm
Barbarigo-Minotto Palace
Fondamenta Duodo O Barbarigo
30124 Venice
Tel: +39 340 971 72 72
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